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Puppy Information

We have our own nursery so we can be watched very close for a few weeks. Get lots of kisses and held and snuggled with.

At 3 - 4 days old our dewclaws are removed, some breeds tails docked.

At 2 wks our first deworming is given and nails are cut

At 4 wks our second deworming is given and nails are cut along with our first bath. And you get to come pick us out. We start on our first food today & it don't take long before we're eating like pros. 

At 5 wks our micro chips are done and we have to get nails cut again because they are growing fast now. At this point we like to eat a lot.

At 6 wks old we get our last deworming, 1st set of shots, another bath and it's time to meet the new family memebers. 

We will have food on hand to purchase if you don't get a chance to order ahead of time. $11.00 for the starter bag.

My favorite food would be Life Abundance but I do understand with prices rising so much some can not get this food. .  It is well worth the price. 

You can also order the nuvet that puppies will be on ahead of time at   

** If you have the food & my nuvet on hand,  food & water bowls, crate and some toys I would say your ready for me ** Laughing



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