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WHAT BREED: ____________________                                

Date: _________

Name: _______________________ Phone: ___________

Address: ______________________________________

City: _______________ State: _____ Zip: ____________

Email: ________________________________________

Deposit:_____________  Balance due:_____________

Sex 1st choice: _______________ 2nd: _______________

Color 1st choice: ______________2nd: _______________

Purchase price based on how well we have taken care to give you a happy healthy puppy, nothing else implied. Flight extra $360.00

Deposit: (deposits are non-refundable) your deposit is going towards the next litter to be born if puppies are not born at this time.

You may pay deposits by Cash, Check or paypal (a fee for paypal will be added to end balance on pick up date). BUT cash only for pick up date. NO EXPECTIONS....

Puppies must be picked up on date I have set for them to go home. If not there will be a $10.00 per day boarding fee. If you do not contact me within 5 days after puppy was not picked up he/she will be resold. At that point you lose your deposit.

CUSTOMER SIGN: __________________ Date:________

Send Deposits to                           Patty Hughes
                                                        7020 Arrington Rd
                                                        Julian NC 27283

Email or call before sending a deposit. We do not promise a puppy is being held in your name until the deposit form is in hand.  Once you tell me your sending it in on a puppy that is born we will hold your spot for 3 days to give your deposit time to come in. If someone else comes out or mails a deposit in after that 3 days their deposit will go in your spot. If you send a deposit after that your name will go back on the list.